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The Importance of a Home Inspection on a New Construction Home

Buying a home is one of the most critical decisions in your life. It requires thorough planning and preparation to safeguard your substantial investment and maintain financial stability. Most people inspect homes to identify issues and plan to fix them accordingly.

While inspecting an old home makes sense, why should you inspect a new construction house? Well, inspecting a new construction home is as critical as inspecting a previously owned one. It can have numerous hidden defects that may eventually cost you a lot of money.

A new construction inspection or a new home inspection is a process that requires a certified inspector to check the home's condition before you close the deal. A professional inspector visits the site and looks for the property's structures, systems, and appliances.

The purpose is to ensure everything is in optimal condition and correctly installed. A new construction inspection ensures the property's safety, allowing a new owner to live in and avoid unpleasant surprises that could lead to costly repairs. Today's article will discuss the significance of a home inspection on a new construction home. Read on!

Why Inspect a New Construction Home?

Most people assume that a new construction home is flawless, so they quickly close the deal and move in. However, a new home often has several hidden problems. Common issues during a new home inspection include faulty grading and drainage, cracks in decks, driveways, patios, and foundation holes.

It may also have warped flooring, poor-quality insulation, and improper installation of ductwork, appliances, and roof. Some new construction homes have cracks in drywall and improperly installed siding, while others have:

· Water leaks

· Ineffective crawl space ventilation

· Improper plumbing

· Poorly installed electrical wiring

· Low-quality doors, windows, etc.

Identifies Potential Issues

An experienced home inspector performs a comprehensive visual inspection of a new construction home. Inspecting the property inside and out is essential to identifying potential or hidden issues.

Instead of inspecting the home yourself, you must hire a professional inspection service to streamline the process and avoid future complications. An experienced inspector follows an evidence-based approach in a step-by-step manner to check:

· Structural components, such as:

o The Foundation

o Floors

o Ceilings

o Framing walls

· Exterior components

o Flashing

o Siding

o Decks

o Landscaping

o Hardscaping

o Railing

· Roofing systems

o Shingles

o Skylights

o Drainage

· Interior components

o Doors

o Windows

o Railings

o Stairs

o Cabinetry

o Appliances

· Plumbing systems

o Sewer lines

o Pipes

o Drains

o Water supply

· HVAC systems

o Air conditioners

o Furnaces

o Exhausts

o Chimneys

o Ductwork

o Fireplaces

· Electrical systems

o Service panel

o Wiring

o Grounding

o Fixtures

o Switches

The comprehensive inspection allows the inspector to identify issues in different structures and systems and prepare a detailed (easy-to-read report). Buyers can use the information to gain valuable insights and make an informed decision about purchasing a new construction home.

Protects Your Investment

Although buying a new construction home is exciting, it can break the bank, primarily if you perform costly repairs after some time. Remember, purchasing a home is a significant investment, meaning you must protect it from the beginning.

So, we recommend keeping tabs on the process and hiring a professional inspection service to reduce/mitigate potential structural and functional issues. While inspection may cost you money, it can protect your investment and generate higher ROIs in the future.

Research shows that home construction in Portland costs between $158,000 and $477,000. It depends on the builders, the kind of home, the location, the appliances, and the furnishing. So, as you can see, constructing or buying a home in Portland is expensive, and the problem worsens when you find out the property you purchased has defects.

Therefore, hiring a home inspection service is essential to check different structures and ensure everything is okay. A home inspector thoroughly checks the property and provides the buyer with a detailed report.

The insights you gain from the report allow you to make an informed decision. So, this is a reliable way to protect your investment and future-proof your new construction home.

Final Words

Haste makes waste! Right? You will eventually lose money when you assume a new construction home is flawless and close the deal immediately without inspecting it for potential issues. For instance, it costs a lot of money to fix structural problems or repair expensive appliances.

Therefore, hiring a professional, reputable, and trustworthy company like Uptown Home Inspections LLC with a team of experienced and InterNACHI-certified inspectors is essential to optimizing the process and achieving peace of mind. Contact us today for more information!

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